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Reclaim your Health through the Power of Nutrition

Reclaim your Health Through the Power of Nutrition:
from preventing disease to improving metabolism, avoiding the afternoon crash, and more!

Are you tired of that afternoon slump?
Feeling stuck, struggling to achieve your health goals and unsure why?
Think your metabolism left you and has no plans of returning?

Explore these questions and more as we delve into the foundations of good nutrition, understanding our metabolisms and how they really work, and recognizing the role of stress, hormones and inflammation in our overall health.

Discuss nutrients and their major functions, why we eat and overeat, the right foods for optimal results in exercise, and meal planning for success. Learn more about the power of nutrition, and leave with ideas, tools and resources for making positive and lasting change!

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Reclaim your Health through the Power of Nutrition

  • Amy Donnelly

    Amy Donnelly

    Amy is a Registered Dietitian with both her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Nutritional Sciences from the University of New Hampshire.

    She completed her Dietetic Internship at Mount Auburn Hospital, a Harvard teaching hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Amy is passionate about helping people come to a better understanding of a healthy lifestyle, as well as providing tools and resources that empower them to make positive, lasting changes and live whole, healthy lives.

    She currently works in outpatient nutrition counseling with a company called Nutrition in Motion, LLC, counseling patients in one on one session, teaching classes and running programs that promote wellness both in medical offices and in the workplace, collaborating with companies throughout southern New Hampshire. In addition, she teaches Nutrition in Health and Well-Being at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester, in which she teaches students the science and foundations of food and nutrition.

    With experience in education, research and counseling, she appreciates the value in a collaborative approach, and works with people of all ages to expand their knowledge and understanding of nutrition and discover what uniquely motivates them towards wellness.

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