City of Manchester Testimonial


The City of Manchester needed help in developing its future leaders.  UNH’s Professional Development and Training division came to our rescue.  Working in concert with the city, the Manchester Leadership Academy was launched.


The UNH professional staff was outstanding in working with us to design, develop and implement the program. They understood our modest budget and willingly worked with us to keep our expenses within our budgetary confines.  The resulting Leadership Academy did not disappoint.  

The UNH PD&T instructors led a group of 24 of the city’s up and coming leaders through an unforgettable educational experience.  Over the course of four months participants uncovered leadership abilities they didn’t know they possessed and discovered new individual inner strengths and competencies. Participants learned from one another. They not only experienced the challenges of a multifaceted workforce teaming together to address common functional goals, but also faced the unique dynamics associated with municipal government.   

Participants problem solved real-time challenging city issues and served as a “think tank” to assess, trouble shoot and recommend solutions to the governing body. It was exciting to see employees working together in teams outside their professional skill sets and departments.  An amazing, valuable take away from the Academy is the creation of lasting interdepartmental relationships that can serve the city well in the future and which most likely would not have happened albeit for this great partnership with UNH.