Getting the Most from Your Emails at UNH

Effective Emails

This workshop was formerly titled  Getting the Most From Your Emails

These days, it’s common to write or receive hundreds of email communications each day. Have you ever felt like your inbox is a black hole? Ever had an issue escalate because of the way things got interpreted via email? Ever miss important information due to TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read)? Do you keep everything in your inbox to “remember” tasks and to-dos, only to find priorities lost and messages missed?

In this virtual workshop, we will explore and practice strategies to:

  • Calm the overwhelm
  • Manage the flow and filing so you can find and respond to messages
  • Understand preferences and how they impact email communication
  • Adapt your messages for different audiences
  • Craft email with purpose and intention
  • Share best practices for building email etiquette and organization habits

Discover how you can use email as a tool for effective and efficient communication in a safe, practical-yet-playful learning environment.

Instructor Bios


Effective Emails

  • Susan White Ahl

    As a facilitator, educator, and coach, Susan strives to offer individuals and organizations inspiration through reflection, action planning and learning support. Using an array of tools, practices, and experiences, she helps them to acquire necessary skills and perspective, and to empower themselves toward desired outcomes.

    She has been the Principal of Eventide: Coaching, Consulting, Community, for 11 years, holds a Masters of Adult and Higher Education and is a certified executive coach. Susan has worked with individuals and teams within corporate, education, and non-profit settings; designing and delivering learning solutions and coaching support for personal and professional development.
    Training with the Institute for Appreciative Inquiry, and ongoing participation in Circles of Trust through the Center for Courage and Renewal support her desire to deepen her own learning and practice of deep listening and creating space for reflection as essential to growth. Susan believes life-long learning is the key to creating a meaning-filled life.

09:00am - 03:30pm
Live Online (USA Eastern Time)
Susan White Ahl
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