UNH Supervisors Boot Camp - Winter 2022

Supervisors Boot Camp - Winter 2022

The Supervisors Boot Camp is a one-day conference specifically designed for individuals who are newly promoted to the supervisor's role, will soon work as a supervisor, or for those who wish to refresh their supervisory skills.

The Winter 2022 program will feature presentations from UNH Professional Development & Training instructors Jermaine Moore and Lynne Richards.

  • Leading a Diverse Team | Jermaine Moore
  • Multicultural Coaching | Jermaine Moore.
  • Now You're In Charge: Building and Establishing Credibility with Your Employees | Lynne Richards
  • Work Teams and The Wizard of Oz | Lynne Richards

Visit the "What You Will Learn" and "Instructor Bios" tab for more information on conference sessions and speakers.

Register by January 1, 2022 and save $100! $199 if registered by January 1, $299 afterward.

Enrollment fee includes access to all conference sessions, conference materials, breakfast, lunch, and parking.

What You Will Learn


Supervisors Boot Camp - Winter 2022

 8:30-9:00am | Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:15am | Welcome to the Winter 2022 Supervisors Boot Camp

9:15-10:30am | Leading a Diverse Team | Jermaine Moore

  • The role of business leaders has evolved over time. As companies are becoming increasingly diverse, complex, and even geographically dispersed, leaders need to adapt their leadership styles to fit their organization and workforce. Studies have shown that diverse teams outperform their homogeneous counterparts, and culturally competent leaders are 3.5x more likely to help their teams realize their full potential.
  • Inclusive leadership is vital to maintaining an environment where diverse thinking is heard, respected, managed, and applied. Inclusive leaders who understand how different thinkers react to change are in a better position to communicate and influence in a way that gets everyone onboard with new ideas and new ways of doing things.
  • In these engaging, interactive workshops, participants will:
    • Explore the six key traits of inclusive leaders
    • Understand the role of leaders in shaping culture
    • Examine biases and identify blind spots that hinder inclusivity
    • Elevate their own cultural competency
    • Discover how to champion and drive a culture of inclusivity
    • Learn to navigate difficult conversations and healthy disagreements
    • Learn to inspire a framework of direct and empathetic communication
  • Inclusive leadership is the key to unlock the potential of your team members and reach organizational goals.

10:30-10:45am | Break

10:45am-12:00pm | Multicultural Coaching:  | Jermaine Moore

  • As the U.S. becomes more and more culturally diverse, the likelihood of managing and coaching an individual originally from another country, or a multicultural team, increases as well. Leading and coaching someone from another culture can be a rich and rewarding experience. It can also present some unexpected challenges.
  • One of the most important skills to develop as a leader or coach is the ability to meet the client wherever they are, to put aside preconceived notions and assumptions. Awareness of and embracing different cultural norms, values and perspectives can increase the trust a client grants a coach, while deepening the coaching relationship and its impact. 
  • In this interactive course, you will learn about the concept of Cultural Intelligence and how to expand your capacity to better serve your foreign-born individual clients and multicultural teams. Learn and practice tools and techniques to expand your coaching skills and range.

12:00-1:00pm | Lunch

1:00-2:00pm | Now You're In Charge: Building and Establishing Credibility with Your Employees | Lynne Richards

As a leader, establishing credibility is the corner- stone of your effectiveness. Leaders who are credible are better able to build relationships, control and manage work, and get things done. What is credibility? How do you develop it? And just as important, who needs to believe you are credible? In this session you’ll discover how others define credibility. You’ll learn eight strategies for gaining the trust of your boss, your employees, and key members of your organization.

  • Define and identify characteristics of credible supervisors.
  • Identify 8 strategies for developing credibility.
  • Develop an action plan for building credibility and trust

2:00-2:15pm | Break

2:15-3:15pm | Work Teams and The Wizard of Oz | Lynne Richards
Since 1939, MGM’s film, The Wizard of Oz, has delighted and entertained audiences of all ages and backgrounds. “I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore,” Dorothy tells Toto with awe. Not so different from our own experiences in today’s changing organizations, where we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory and are asked to perform the impossible. Learn how this timeless story depicts the most basic framework of teamwork and team member roles. Recognize the seven keys to effective teamwork and how we too can achieve the impossible with creative thinking, courage and heart and that the most powerful “Wizard” of all, lives within us.

  • Understand that a team’s effectiveness is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Recognize the seven keys to effective teamwork.
  • Realize that each person has a shared responsibility for a team’ success.


Travel & Site Information


Supervisors Boot Camp - Winter 2022

The Winter 2022 Supervisors Boot Camp will take place in the Piscataqua Room in Holloway Commons (75 Main Street, Durham, NH) at the University of New Hampshire.

Free parking will be available for all conference attendees in the UNH Campus Crossings Visitor Lot.  Those registered will recieve additional information on the location and parking by email one week prior to the conference.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the conference and is included in the cost of enrollment.

Lodging accommodations in Durham within walking distance of the UNH Supervisors Boot Camp:

Instructor Bios


Supervisors Boot Camp - Winter 2022

  • Jermaine Moore

    Jermaine Moore is the founder of The Mars Hill Group, a consulting practice that partners with organizations to support their efforts in building and developing highly engaged, high-performing teams.

    Jermaine has more than twenty years HR experience working across various industries introducing and reinforcing behaviors that drive business results and team performance. His areas of expertise include Diversity and Inclusion, Organizational Culture Development, Team Development, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Communication Training, and Change Management.

    With a passion for Diversity and Inclusion, Jermaine currently serves as the Diversity Director for SHRM’s NH State Council and the Seacoast Human Resources Association (SHRA).

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