Supply Chain: What’s Strategic Sourcing and Data Analysis Got to Do With It?

Chaos? Confusion? Delays? Part shortages? Does any of this look and sound familiar?  It doesn’t have to.

Join us on September 30 from 9 am to 1 pm and we’ll serve up a good amount of supply chain with that lunch we’re providing.

It all starts with Strategic Sourcing. No longer does using the “push hard and get a lower price” mentality work. But what is in its place?

And here’s the thing: all those old practices in supply chain? Many still work. All you need to do is spruce them up a bit.

Join us and you’ll learn what the bell weather supply chains are doing to create relationships and get those “can’t be found” parts on your dock.

Here’s a hint: your secret recipe is to take a little supply chain strategy, add a dash of data analysis, and top it off with procurement best practices.

Even better - you’ll be able to take what you learn back to your company and use it.

To help with what you should do, we’ll use a case study, and hands-on exercises, and a lot of discussion.

Here are the details:

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify procurement practices and when to use them
  2. Create forecasts and understand how supply chain partners use them
  3. Integrate your knowledge of company strategy and customer expectations to choose the right negotiation trade-offs for parts
  4. Determine what data you really need to keep the supply chain running
  5. Measure your reality

Part of our workshop series with UNH Center for Business Analytics.

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Instructor Bios


Supply Chain: What’s Strategic Sourcing and Data Analysis Got to Do With It?

  • Cynthia Kalin-Kaminsky

    Dr. Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky

    CEO, Process & Strategy Solutions

    On the first day of her first job as a Manufacturing Engineer, Cynthia was given the requirement to “Make the factory globally competitive”. Ever since that first successful transformation she’s been working with companies to transform performance with internal business alignment, End-to-End supply chain alignment, and external alignment to customer requirements – all accomplished at the same time.  Companies who work with her have tripled their business valuation in 2 years, increased EBIDTA, and even had their international activities included as part of the U.S. White House’s international economic development activity.

    Cynthia holds a BS, MS, and Ph.D. in engineering, is a Supply Chain Operations Reference model Master and one of 8 global supply chain experts modernizing the SCOR model, has worked in industry/academia/DoD, is an ASCM ESG certified consultant, all to continue her successful work with companies of all industries and sizes through the Fortune 100 and Global 100 rankings.

    Cynthia also spent time as the Head of the Entrepreneurship Program at The University of Texas – Arlington’s College of Business, was a Professor of Industrial Manufacturing and Supply Chain Program Management for the Defense Acquisition University, ran a series of Supply Chain competitions for the MIT SCALE program, provides professional and supply chain certification training, and has been a guest lecturer, presenter, and keynote speaker around the U.S.




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