Transitioning to ArcGIS Pro

Transitioning to ArcGIS Pro

Get help making the jump from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro! This 1-day workshop is designed for current ArcMap users who want to explore the basics of working with ArcGIS Pro. Participants will be introduced to the ArcGIS Pro interface and project structure, and learn workflows for editing, geoprocessing, creating layouts, and sharing their work.

Participants will learn to import ArcMap documents (MXDs) into ArcGIS Pro  |  symbolize and edit data  |  manipulate attribute tables  |  add annotation  |   create layouts  |  conduct analyses  |  visually analyze 3D data  |  share GIS products

Tuition Costs:

Flat Tuition Rate = $229

A reduced tuition rate of $149 is available for students who are employed by the following entities: Non-profit organization, government, education, etc. Proof and/or documentation may be required. If you are unsure of whether or not you qualify for the reduced rate, please send an email to kyle.hirshkind@unh.edu

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Transitioning to ArcGIS Pro

The Transitioning to ArcGIS Pro Workshop will be held at the either the UNH Manchester Campus or the  UNH Cooperative Extension Sea Grant Office. Please note the specific location in the section enrollment bar to the right.

UNH Manchester: 88 Commerical Street, Manchester, NH

UNH Cooperative Extension Sea Grant Office: 122 Mast Rd, Lee, NH 03861

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Transitioning to ArcGIS Pro

09:00am - 04:00pm
Live Online
Anne Deely
Shane Bradt
229.00 Workshop Tuition
149.00 Workshop Tuition Nonprofit