Introduction to ArcGIS

Introduction to ArcGIS

Learn the basics of working with ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) in a hands-on learning environment! This course is useful for people who have no prior GIS experience, as well as, current ArcMap users looking to gain additional skills. With a focus on New Hampshire data and applications, participants learn how to use ArcMap to produce attractive, effective maps. In addition, each participant receives their own detailed step-by-step manual to use as a reference after the course is over.

Participants will learn to  design maps in ArcMap  |  import data into ArcMap  |  add online GIS data to your maps  |  interact with time-based GIS data  |   symbolize GIS data  |  add labels and annotation, query data  |  use geoprocessing tools: merge/buffer/dissolve  |  manipulate attribute tables: adding fields/calculating values/joining tables

Tuition Costs:

Flat Tuition Rate = $599

A reduced tuition rate of $399 is available for students who are employed by the following entities: Non-profit organization, government, education, etc. Proof and/or documentation may be required. If you are unsure of whether or not you qualify for the reduced rate, please send an email to kyle.hirshkind@unh.edu

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Introduction to ArcGIS

The July 22- 24, 2019 Introduction to ArcGIS Workshop will be held at the UNH Cooperative Extension Sea Grant Office located at 122 Mast Rd, Lee, NH 03861.

This location is about 10 minutes away from UNH Durham.

Please use the map shown.

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Introduction to ArcGIS

09:00am - 04:00pm
Live Online
Shane Bradt
599.00 Workshop Tuition
399.00 Workshop Tuition Nonprofit