Guitars at the UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute

Guitar Instructors

Chuck Sanzone

After earning a philosophy degree from Boston College back in 1995, Chuck packed his car and headed out to the Roberto-Venn school of lutherie in an attempt to find a worthwhile career path. Building and repairing musical instruments just seemed like an idyllic life for a creative soul who lived for music.




Inspired to continue expanding our workshops and subject areas, the UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute added its first guitar workshops in the summer of 2019. Musicians, hobbiests and luthiers of all experience levels are invited to explore opportunities with the UNH Guitar Workshop.

Comprehensive Guitar Repair

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This course is a deep dive into the complex and inventive world of fretted instrument repair. While we will focus on the finer points of setup and maintenance, this course really aims to demystify some of the more complicated techniques performed on valuable vintage instruments. Topics addressed will include acoustic guitar neck resets, bridge removal and replacement, complete fret jobs, regluing loose internal bracing, headstock fractures, and many types of crack repairs.