2018 Digital Marketing Conference

We hope you enjoyed the 2018 UNH Digital Marketing Conference. Did you know registration is already open for the 2019 UNH Digital Marketing Conference?

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Learn the latest in trends, tools and tricks from across the digital marketing spectrum with industry leaders from the Boston Celtics, NEMO Equipment, HubSpot, WordStream, Ski NH, and regional experts.

The conference will take place on Friday, May 11 on the UNH-Durham campus and will feature general session presentations. 

Scheduled conference speakers include:

Content specific pre-conference workshops will be held in the weeks prior to the conference.  Pre-conference workshops are free for those already enrolled in the Digital Marketing Conference (pre-registration is required*).

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What You Will Learn


2018 Digital Marketing Conference

2018 UNH Digital Marketing Conference Agenda

Registration & Breakfast

Welcome to the 2018 UNH Digital Marketing Conference

Branding New Hampshire
Victoria Cimino, Director, New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development
Visitnh.gov, was just recently named one of the top 25 tourism websites in the world by Skift.com, but it wasn't easy getting there!  Hear how strategically leveraging digital content and advertising tactics has made the Granite State the go-to destination for vacation fun.

Pairing Paid Search and Social to Get More Bang for Your Buck
Allen Finn, Senior Content Marketing Strategist, WordStream
Even under fire, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform on the planet. With its engaged audience, sophisticated targeting, and aesthetically pleasing ad formats (not to mention the ability to advertise on Instagram), it’s not difficult to see why PPC marketers are grappling with what they perceive to be a binary choice: search or social. Here’s a novel idea: Why not use them together? AdWords and Facebook aren’t oil and water, they’re spaghetti and meatballs: good in their own right, infinitely better in concert. In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage data from AdWords and Facebook ads to develop a cross-platform strategy that simultaneously feeds and nurtures your sales funnel.

Collaborative Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Reach
Jessyca Keeler, Executive Director, Ski NH & Karolyn Castaldo, Marketing Manager, Ski NH
As a not-for-profit or small business, using a number of different resources can help to stretch your marketing dollars. Ski New Hampshire works closely with a network of partners and sponsors to increase the impact of both their marketing strategies and their promotional budget.

Fan Engagement through Data Collection
Kara Hutchinson, Senior Director of Marketing, Boston Celtics
In a social media world, a priority for our business is creating that one-to-one conversation with our fans. Most people in New England, and many worldwide would consider themselves Celtics fans, but we want to know more. Are you a diehard or social fan? Do you come to games to spend time with family or accomplish business objectives? And most importantly, can we collect your email address so we can personalize communications to you via email and targeted social media messages? As consumers are more and more cautious of sharing their personal information, we need to find creative ways to collect fan data and put it to good use.


Finding a Place on Social Media in a Time of Lots of Places
Kyle Belmont, Social Media Producer, UNH Cooperative Extension & Jill Ketchen, Assistant Producer, UNH Cooperative Extension
We were presented with an issue. We landed on Facebook Live. Why? Because we could. But also because we wanted to try something new that shows our organization, one that has been around for over 100 years, can do more than create a pdf and put it on a website. Working with key staff and finding problems with solutions along the way, we created a regular series called Facebook Livestock that reaches a steady audience, educates, and builds awareness of something we've been doing for a long time (but now in a new way).

Building the Foundation at a Small Brand
Kate Paine, VP of Marketing, NEMO Equipment
When you're building a small brand, it can be tough to know where to focus your energy. Marketing leaders at small brands wear a hundred hats and can easily spend their days focused on small wins instead working toward big wins. Investing in foundational strategy and planning can help you test and build a marketing presence that will get you further, faster. In this session, Kate will share some practical considerations for building a marketing presence from the foundation up, including investing in brand positioning, audience building, solid values, and long term relationships instead of short term wins. 

Chatbots & Conversational Engagement: The Marketing Funnel of the (not so distant) Future
Kevin Dunn, Senior Inbound Professor, HubSpot
There has been a dramatic change in the way people interact and communicate with businesses. Buyers are increasingly shopping and consuming information on mobile devices and the desire for speed and immediacy has paved the way for a surge in live chat tools, messaging channels, and chatbot services. These emerging tools fill a need as buyers are now disinterested in speaking on the phone, sending emails, and submitting forms to receive an answer to their question. This session will introduce why these new channels matter, how marketers can implement a conversational approach today, and what a "chat-first" mindset looks like.


(FREE!) Pre-Conference Workshop Schedule

How To Effectively Use PPC with Your Inbound Marketing | May 3 | 12:30 - 4:00 pm | Manchester | Fred & Stacey Schall | Schall Creative
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and inbound marketing don't have to live in different worlds.  When working together, these two tactics get results!  In this pre-conference workshops, we'll talk about the differences between organic traffic and paid traffic, and go over how you can use the strengths of both streams to create a powerful marketing campaign.

Propel Your Business with SEO and Content Marketing | May 8 | 12:30 - 4:00 pm | Concord | Candy Osborne of Snowbird Creatives & Christina Meserve Jackson of Jackson Marketing
Consumers engage with brands before they make purchases and are already more than halfway through a purchasing decision before they contact a sales representative. These prospects are educating themselves with information they find on Google and throughout the Internet­–and they’re making decisions based on that content. But how do they find your business or product from your content? You have an opportunity to influence purchase decisions by using search behavior and developing the right content that answers the questions people are searching. Join this session to learn how you can take advantage of one of the most affordable--and fastest growing--marketing methods to engage and influence purchase decisions. Learn how to transform and propel your business forward with SEO and content marketing.

Social Media as a Business Strategy | May 10 | 12:30 - 4:00 pm | Portsmouth | Marlana Trombley | FlowTraq
People do business with other people, not with companies. Leveraging social media gives you the opportunity to establish thought leadership in your industry and take your business to the next level. By enabling deeper engagement with peers, employees, and customers, a solid social media strategy will help you shape brand perception and accelerate sales.  This pre-conference workshop will walk you through the steps to take to become a social leader and how to monitor social sentiment, drive awareness and turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

* After enrolling in the UNH Digital Marketing Conference, check your email for a receipt and confirmation letter that will include a password and instructions for registering for pre-conference workshops for free. Contact michael.mengers@unh.edu with any questions.

Travel & Site Information


2018 Digital Marketing Conference

The 2018 UNH Digital Marketing Conference will take place in the Piscataqua Room in Holloway Commons (75 Main Street, Durham, NH) on the University of New Hampshire.

Free parking will be available for all conference attendees in the UNH Campus Crossings Visitor Lot.  Those registered will recieve additional information on the location and parking by email one week prior to the conference.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the conference and is included in the cost of enrollment.

Additional information and driving directions for pre-conference workshops at the Pease Tradeport (Portsmouth), UNH-Manchester and Granite State College (Concord) will be emailed to registered students a week in advance.

Instructor Bios


2018 Digital Marketing Conference

  • Kyle Belmont

    Kyle Belmont

    Kyle Belmont is a digital content strategist who loves social media because he gets to interact with his NPR crush, Sam Sanders, on a regular basis.  He currently manages social media for UNH Cooperative Extension, and previously managed communications for the non-profit Star Island Corporation. Kyle is a native of New Hampshire and believes shouting “Live Free or Die” through toll booths is payment enough.

  • Victoria Cimino - State of New Hampshire

    Victoria Cimino

    Victoria Cimino is the Director of the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development. She has spent the majority of her professional career providing communication solutions, counsel and creative direction to both government agencies and private sector organizations, executing tourism marketing campaigns at the local, state, national, and international level. Cimino began her career in the tourism industry in New Hampshire as the Communications Director at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce before going on to serve as the Communications Manager in the Division she now oversees. Her background also includes work with the New York City-based Redpoint Marketing PR, Inc., and Boston-based Connelly Partners. Cimino is responsible for the strategic direction of the Division, which works with the state’s seven travel regions to increase visitation, travel and visitor expenditures in order to expand business activity and employment throughout the state.

  • Kevin Dunn

    Kevin Dunn

    Kevin Dunn is the manager of education on HubSpot Academy and leads the content creators responsible for partner and developer education. He is the host of Agency Unfiltered, a web series and podcast that features agency owners from around the world discussing agency operations and growth. Kevin is also a public speaker who’s delivered presentations at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference and at agency events across the globe. He is an unabashed Tom Brady fan and loves eating his way through new cities.

  • Allen Finn - WordStream

    Allen Finn

    Allen Finn is an academic burnout turned full-fledged adult. He has a Roth IRA and everything. He’s currently a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at WordStream, where he makes a concerted effort to write about paid search and social in a way that fails to induce sleep. Allen’s has also worked as a paid search coordinator (ropes-learning implementation monkey), a digital marketing analyst (full-fledged account manager), and does a fair bit of freelance copywriting. Though these days he dwells a stone’s throw from Fenway, Allen bleeds New Hampshire (current license plate be damned).

  • Kara Hutchinson

    Kara Hutchinson

    Kara Hutchinson is the Sr. Director of Marketing & Content Strategy for the Boston Celtics. In her eleventh season with the Celtics, Hutchinson manages a team responsible for branding, analytical marketing, fan engagement and research and support of ticket sales and service. She is also part of the Celtics Diversity and Inclusion committee. Kara began with the Celtics in ticket operations in 2007. In addition to working for the Celtics, she volunteers through Boston Cares and Newton Athletes Unlimited and serves on the board of the Massachusetts Charter School Athletic Organization (MCSAO). Hutchinson is a graduate of Ithaca College.

  • Jessyca Keeler

    Jessyca Keeler

    Jessyca Keeler joined Ski New Hampshire as Executive Director in 2014.  Her responsibilities with the non-profit, statewide trade association include working to support the state’s ski industry through promotional efforts, advocacy and legislative work, and educational opportunities for members.  Developing partnerships with related organizations and agencies, such as with various state government departments, NH-based tourism and business associations, and assorted non-profit organizations, is an important element of much of the work she does and a key to building successful programs.  For several years prior to joining Ski NH, Jessyca owned Align Partnerships, a consulting company that assisted clients with sponsorship development, promotional programs, and marketing efforts.  While she got her start in partnership marketing and the ski industry with the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) in Lake Placid, NY, she developed her skills at leveraging sponsorship programs during her years as the Director of Partnership Marketing for American Skiing Company, where she worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies to develop and implement partnership programs at the company’s nine resorts nationwide.

  • Jill Ketchen

    Jill Ketchen

    Jill Ketchen is an accidental digital media professional who loves social media because she gets to stress tweet during New England Patriot fourth quarter playoff comebacks. She is currently an Assistant Producer with UNH Cooperative Extension, and has previously worked in the fashion and craft beer industries. Jill calls New Hampshire home and believes that everyone who lives here should own a dayglow orange knit cap. 

  • Christina Meserve Jackson of Jackson Marketing

    Christina Meserve Jackson

    Christina is a Digital Marketing Strategist with over a decade of marketing experience, focusing the past ten years on digital lead generation and website optimization. Christina is versed in search engine optimization, from site audits to complex strategy and individual tactical plans. Working primarily within the hospitality, healthcare, food and B2B financial, tech, and legal services, Christina has supported her clients’ business growth through successful digital marketing strategies.

  • Candy Osborne of Snowbird Creatives

    Candy Osborne

    Candy, Creative Director at Snowbird Creatives, is a former photojournalist in the U.S.M.C. and civilian storyteller with more than 25 years of experience creating content and connecting with audiences to elicit desired behaviors.  She has helped both B2B and B2C organizations to achieve business goals through expertly crafted, original content.  Candy’s eclectic experience spanning print, video, and digital mediums combined with her journalism roots make her a results-driven, content-creating powerhouse.

  • Kate Paine

    Kate Paine

    Kate is the VP of Marketing at NEMO Equipment in Dover, NH, where she leads marketing, creative, and brand strategy. NEMO is an award-winning designer of outdoor adventure gear, including tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and camp furniture. Kate joined NEMO from neighboring Vermont, and brought more than 15 years of experience in branding and marketing, having led teams in large enterprises, small start-ups, big government, and as a consultant. She now lives on the seacoast and gets outside adventuring with her family and friends whenever possible. 

  • Fred Schall

    Fred Schall

    Fred Schall started his love affair with web design and development in the late 90's. He has dual degrees in Computer Science and Web Development. He currently teaches Advanced Web Design and User Experience at Southern New Hampshire University. Fred worked for a few large agencies in Southern California, developing campaigns for large brands such as DirecTV, Petco, and Powerade. In 2009 he became the Co-Owner of  Schall Creative, moved the company to Manchester in 2010 and continues to thrive for his work every day.

  • Stacey Schall

    Stacey Schall

    Upon graduating from Emerson College in 2007 with a degree in Visual and Media Arts, Stacey ventured to Los Angeles to start a career in media. She soon discovered her passion for communication, and put her talents to work writing content for brands. She joined the Schall Creative team in 2011 and now serves at Director of Inbound Marketing. Stacey is always consuming information, which means she can be a bit of a know-it-all at a dinner party. But she also has a talent for developing the perfect message for brands, and bringing great results through her content. In her spare time, she enjoys running, playing soccer and chasing her kids around. She also sits on the board of Girls at Work, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to empowering girls facing adversity.

  • Marlana M. Trombley

    Marlana Trombley

    Marlana is a Growth Marketing Strategist and Educator focused on solving your most pressing marketing challenges. She structures her classes with action-packed best practices to grow your company.  

    She currently is the VP of Marketing at Orbit Group.

    Backed with industry certifications, her expertise extends across brand, growth and digital marketing. She has specifically established a name for herself with her mastery of social media, social media advertising, local search engine optimization, email, content marketing, and brand development.

    Marlana shares growth strategies that produce high-quality results. There is a reason why her workshops often sell out. Her classes foster a laser-focused atmosphere; they are designed to maximize your time and effort as you uncover the right high-impact tactics for your organization and industry. Marlana is constantly learning and adapting to changes in algorithms and platforms, providing you the most relevant material. She is full of energy and is ready to answer your most pressing questions.  

    Marlana’s passion goes beyond marketing, shining through with her board involvement and volunteer efforts. She recently earned her spot in 2019 ‘40 under Forty’ Class for the state of New Hampshire.

    Marlana recharges by teaching Latin & Ballroom dance, listening to podcasts, exploring NH with her husband, Jeff, their son Luca, and their dog, Rigley. She is also on a mission to move her parents and twin brother to NH!  

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