Advanced Identification and Documenting Hydric Soils

Advanced Identification and Documenting Hydric Soils

This is a half day (3 hour), inside course which will guide students on the identification and documentation of hydric soils for preparation of the Wetland Determination Data Form – Northcentral and Northeast Region, Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual, Northcentral and Northeast Region (Version 2.0). 

Students will receive and apply the new user-friendly: "A Field Companion to Field Indicators for Identifying Hydric Soils in New England", December 2019. Included will be a discussion of Wetland Hydrology Indicators that occur within the soil profiles.

Instructor is James Gove, CWS and CSS.

This course was previously titled "Basics of Identifying & Documenting Hydric Soils"

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Advanced Identification and Documenting Hydric Soils

  • Jim Gove

    Jim Gove

    Jim Gove, CSS, CWS, CPSC, CPESC, M.S. in Plant Science, is president and senior soil and wetland scientist for Gove Environmental Services, Inc., in Exeter, NH. He has been working in the field of soil and wetland science for over 35 years and has authored, co-authored, and contributed to several soil science publications. He is currently president of the Society of Soil Scientists of Northern New England and a member of the New England Hydric Soils Technical Committee. His particular areas of expertise include wetland delineation procedures, wetland impact permitting, wetland mitigation and restoration, site specific soil surveys, hydric soil assessments, and soil profile analysis.

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Advanced Identification and Documenting Hydric Soils

09:00am - 12:30pm
Portsmouth - 230 Commerce Way
James Gove
179.00 Workshop Fee
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