Differentiation with Google Workspace Tools

This course is designed to support differentiation and flipped learning instruction with the power of Google Workspace tools, highlighting the importance of making curriculum activities easily accessible so students can engage directly in the learning process.  

This course is ideal for teachers using Google Workspace and Classroom who want to maximize the tools that exist in Google Workspace to engage with learners, develop meaningful content, and provide powerful learning activities and assessments.   

Whether you are a teacher looking to integrate technology into your lessons or seeking to improve your digital skills, this class will provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to effectively utilize Google Workspace for various educational projects.  All topics include grab & go templates you can use right away for your instructional needs.  

What You Will Learn


Differentiation with Google Workspace Tools

Learning Objectives 

By the end of this class, you will have developed the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively utilize Google Workspace tools for educational projects, fostering collaboration, and enhancing learning experiences including:

  1. Research and productivity tools in Google Documents

  2. Consolidated units with MultiMedia Text Sets using Google Documents

  3. Integrated Draw & Documents for prewriting & topic exploration transitioned to final projects

  4. Apply advanced tools in Google Slides to engage learners

  5. Collaboration & Jigsaw activities with Google Slides

  6.  ‘If This Then That’ activities with Slides & Forms

  7. Google Forms Quizzes for Pre and Formative Assessments

  8. Flipped Learning Simplified with Google Forms & YouTube

  9. Curate, organize and share videos with YouTube

  10. Pull it all together in Google Classroom and/or Google Sites

Instructor Bios


Differentiation with Google Workspace Tools

  • Allison Mollica, M.Ed.

    A graduate of both business and education, Allison Mollica holds a Master's degree in Ed. (Technology in Education) and an Advanced Professional Certificate (Online Teaching) from Lesley University. With 25 years in education, Allison helps teachers use technology to create rich, engaging learning environments and find happiness using technology in and out of the classroom. As a business teacher and technology integration specialist, she began her teaching career in K12 schools in 1999. Since 2011, she has provided school and nonprofit organizations with professional development as a Google Certified Administrator and Trainer. Furthermore, she taught at NH's Virtual Learning Academy, served as Director of Business Training at NHTI Community College during COVID, and was USA Director for AppsEvents for eight years.    

    Allison is highly active in providing professional development and training to schools, nonprofits, and businesses.   She recently earned a nano degree in Digital Marketing and is certified in New Hampshire as a business teacher, library media & digital learning specialist.  

    Find Allison on the Google Blog About Google Certified Trainers! 

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