Follow your passion with a career in nonprofit management

July 10, 2019

Careers in nonprofit management offer more than just a paycheck - working for a cause has been shown to improve overall happiness and career satisfaction . Countless skills from the private sector can be honed and used for a greater purpose with a mission-driven career.

University of New Hampshire Professional Development and Training has launched a Nonprofit Management Certificate program for those who are already employed in the nonprofit world, and for those who hope to break into the field. The program will cover everything a nonprofit professional should know, from grantwriting and volunteer management, to marketing, human resources, and most importantly - fundraising.

“It’s very fulfilling to work for a cause and that’s what drew me to it,” said instructor Sarah Gnerre, “I realized that my skills from the private sector could be used for more so that’s how I got started.”

Jobs in the nonprofit field require a professional to become a “jack of all trades”, which is what this certificate aims to instill - skills in the areas that are most called upon.

“People new to the field should try to learn as much as they can from others who are already in the field,” said Gnerre, “there were associations, workshops, educational sessions, and books when I was just starting out but no certificate programs like this one, we had to look a little harder for education in this field back then.”

It’s true that those in the nonprofit sector report being happier and more fulfilled than those in the private sector, and working for a cause is one major reason why. “Working in nonprofits is one way to live a happy life,” said Gnerre, “I would tell those just starting out to follow your heart.”

The certificate is comprised of four required classes and two electives allowing students to focus on their areas of interest. Electives include volunteer management, human resources, and marketing which tailor the nonprofit management program to individual skills and career goals.

“Anyone who is an employee of a nonprofit or is a board member of a nonprofit organization should take this program and get as much education as possible about how nonprofits work,” said Gnerre.

Ms. Gnerre will be teaching the four required classes, complemented by electives led by other local leaders in the nonprofit field. Ms. Gnerre has had a notable career assisting nonprofits with grantwriting and fundraising efforts. She has also served on grant panels for the New Hampshire State Council for Arts and the United States Department of Education qualifying her as a local regional expert in the nonprofit industry.

Whatever cause you are passionate about, follow your heart with a rewarding career in the nonprofit sector. Work for more than just a paycheck and get started by enrolling in the UNH Nonprofit Management Certificate!


Olivia Olbrych

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