Advanced Violin Repair and Acoustics Studies

In this continuation of violin repair study, students’ more advanced repair projects will be discussed and shared as classroom learning opportunities. Each student receives personalized daily instruction at the bench to guide them through their project. This workshop will focus on neck-resetting, neck shaping, coloring and varnishing of the neck, plate and bar thickness, and the gluing and retouching of old cracks. Special topics covered include custom sound adjustments for musicians and basic violin identification. Returning violin repair students who already have moderate experience in repair and wish to expand their knowledge of practical and useful techniques at the bench are welcome to participate. A good knowledge of tool sharpening and tool usage is required.

Classes meet from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with open workshop hours from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Materials and Tools

NOTE: This workshop is NOT designed for work on fine Old Italian violins. 
Bring two or three instruments, or parts thereof, needing any of the above mentioned repairs. You should have a comprehensive set of tools, including clamps, brushes, and cutting tools. A complete list of suggested tools and materials along with tool box rental information may be found at https://training.unh.edu/violin

Instructor Bios


Advanced Violin Repair and Acoustics Studies

  • Paul Weissmeyer

    Paul Wiessmeyer graduated from the world-renowned violinmaking school in Mittenwald, Germany, in 1981. Subsequently he worked at the shops of Hans Weisshaar and Robert Cauer in Los Angeles before opening his own shop in LA in 1986. Since 1991, he has owned and operated Paul Wiessmeyer Violins in Boston, Massachusetts, a full-service shop specializing in repair, service, sound adjustments, and sales of violins, violas, and celli. His clients include symphony players, professional musicians, conservatory students, and schools. He is a member of the American Federation of Violin & Bowmakers and the Violin Society of America. Paul has won several gold medals for his instruments at the H. Wienawski competition and the violin making competition of the Violin Society of America. In 2016, he was selected to judge the Violin Society of America’s making competition.

  • Randy Kellogg, Assistant

    Randy Kellogg has been a teaching assistant at UNH classes since 2003.He has a shop in New Hampshire where he repairs and restores violins, guitars and mandolins. He designs and builds luthier tools and builds handcrafted mandolins. Randy is also a performing musician. 

08:00am - 09:00pm
08:00am - 04:00pm
Durham Campus - Putnam Hall
Paul Wiessmeyer
1099.00 PDT - Violin Institute