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The Leadership & Management Certificate Program is offered in Portsmouth and in Manchester. The core program consists of the High Performing Leadership Residential Program or the Applied Leadership Institute, plus three electives chosen from a variety of topics. The program provides an opportunity for you to explore the attributes of leadership and management that will enhance your skills, knowledge, and capabilities as a leader.

Courses (Choose 1 of 2 required workshops and 3 electives)


Featured Opportunity

Supervisor's Bootcamp
July 20, Durham, NH

The Supervisors Boot Camp is a one-day workshop specifically designed for individuals who are newly promoted to the supervisor's role, or for those who wish to refresh their supervisory skills. The program will be broken into four 75-minute sessions and covers the following topics: Building and Establishing Credibility with Your Employees, Building Teamwork, Goal Setting and Motivating Others. 

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Student Story

Erica Rice

Erica’s first experience with UNH Professional Education dates back to 2010 when after a promotion, she found herself in a management role for the first time. She attended Professional Education’s annual Leadership Conference to pick up pointers on being a supervisor in the workplace. “It was a fabulous presentation, with flexibility to choose topics and facilitators,” said Rice.