• Human Resource Management
    Human Resource Management


Topics to be covered in the Human Resources Management Certificate range from the technical aspects of administration to the human relations issues surrounding working with a diverse workforce. Choose six workshops from HR topics.

Courses (Choose any six electives from the following areas)

  • HR Management Skills
  • Employee Hiring, Onboarding, Retention, and Firing
  • Employment Law and Regulations
  • Staff Problem Solving: Communication, Performance Assement, Multigenerational Staffing
  • Work/Life Balance, Time Management, and Critical Thinking
  • Professional Coaching


Featured Opportunity

Human Resources 101: Practitioner Skills Workshop

September 13, 2018 | Manchester, NH

In this workshop, you'll look at the changing role of HR--from an administrative function concerned primarily with hiring and firing to what is often now an integrated function in the organization's strategic planning process. You'll get a thorough introduction to the various skills required of an HR professional.

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Foundations of Supervision

Next Offering: Sept 20 | Portsmouth, NH

This workshop is designed to improve the skills of individuals currently in, or moving into, supervisory and managerial positions. Through exercises, discussion, and self-assessment tools, you will develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts of effective supervision.

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*This course serves as an elective for the Supervisory Skills Certificate Program.


The Art of Coaching: Becoming an Exceptional Career or Life Coach

Next Offering: Sept 28 | Portsmouth, NH

Professional coaches are in high demand! Whether you're looking to start your own business as a life coach or work within an organization as a career coach, YOUR journey starts with The Art of Coaching.

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*This course serves an elective for the Human Resources Certificate Program as well as the Professional Coaching Certificate Program.